The global construction industry is on the verge of mass transformation.
We’re pushing it over the edge. 

Through prefabricated construction technologies, combined with advances in material science, it’s time to improve safety, close the productivity gap, increase building performance, and build for the future.

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We’re building today, for a better planet tomorrow. At ZS2 Technologies we know there are better ways to build our world, and we’re determined to find them. Our mission is to research and accelerate the development and adoption of construction technologies which are stronger, safer and healthier for people and our planet.

We’re developing advanced building technologies including proprietary fire-rated, non-toxic, low-carbon building materials, and prefabricated panels which provide cost certainty, accelerated construction timelines, and lower building operating costs. Best of all, they’re stronger, last longer, and are healthy for people and the planet. In other words, they just make sense. 

We’re also all about building relationships. Do you have a project or new tech that we should know about? Drop us a note and
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